Minding the Gap Coaching

Focusing on the journey. Website design and development for a career coaching business.


Design and develop a website that emphasized process while filtering down to the proper audience members who would be a great fit for the client.


  • Brand implementation

  • UX + visual design

  • Market positioning

  • End to end development

  • User research

  • Information architecture

Focus on the Journey

In order to build the site around the process, we supported the content with photography of pathways, maps, and journeys. I used the circle from the logo to create a blue mask that played into the ideas of refinement and clarity.

Minding the Gap photography
Minding the Gap hero breakdownMinding the Gap hero breakdownMinding the Gap hero breakdownMinding the Gap hero breakdown


Market analysis, user research, and client interviews about the client’s business revealed the facets of her business that could be leveraged to create an engaging site for the people she hoped to attract.

Instead of focusing heavily on grand results and the coach, as most coaching sites do, this site focuses on the client’s unique coaching process.

User research helped identify the three main types of visitors the site would work to attract.

User research process work
Site map process workSite map process work


The landing page was designed to first make an emotional impact through photography and the appeal of the journey, a concept that crosses both age and industry.

Once the user has agreed to continue down the page, we explain how this process actually works, using my client’s unique approach to coaching.

In order to sell the legitimacy, we use anonymized case studies as a way prove effectiveness and give the user more opportunities to see themselves working with my client.


The ideas of acceptance, release, and clarity were instrumental to my client’s coaching process, so the icons were elevated to interactive animations.

Icon animation process work
Minding the Gap mockup screens


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