UR Powered

Website design and development for a new line of active accessories.


Design and develop a website to increase first time traffic into a local gym.


  • Brand implementation

  • UX + visual design

  • Market positioning

  • End to end development

  • User research

  • Information architecture

This is UR Powered

UR Powered took pride in providing active individuals with technology-backed fashionable accessories. My goal was to create a one-pager that introduced the company’s mission, showcased products, and collected contact information of potential buyers.

Before the launch of the website, I created a coming-soon page for any buyers who knew of the product already. The page consisted of ads I created to build interest.


The flow was designed to showcase the things that UR Powered was most proud of in order to attract buyers going from broad to specific. We start with why the company exists, move on to what they bring to the table, followed by showcasing the products themselves. All the while, providing buttons as shortcuts to the contact section.

This allows buyers to know early on if they are going to be interested before looking at products they don’t understand quite yet.


Because the brand featured technology-backed fashion, I used modern/tech-focused animations for buttons, product cards, and icons. (The icons themselves were designed before I started the project.)



SVG Animation

An add-on to the site was to also build excitement around a soon-to-come athletics line of accessories that was even more tech-focused, URX. Because the client only had illustrations of one of the accessories, I built an SVG animation around the gloves to create a memorable experience.


The Movement Creative